Committing to Choosing EXTRAORDINARY

for 2022!!!

It's time to LOCK in a new way of being!!!!


A new beginning!

The Year of



There is this life you crave.

A way of being you desire to unleash and show the world!

A life where you OWN your own experience like the bada$$ you are!

Owning your healing!

Owning your growth!

What is extraordinary anyway???


It looks like the balance of fear and excitement of doing something new and scary!

It looks like OWNING WHO THE %&*@ YOU ARE!!!!

It looks like showing up every day and living your soul's purpose!

It looks like saying no when soul says no and yes when soul says yes…regardless of what your human experience is telling you! 

It looks like trusting the process!

It looks like showing up BIG!

It looks like the courage it takes to lower the veil to just BE!

It looks like dancing to the beat of your own drum, not trying to follow the crowd to fit the "mold" you've been told you need to fit!

It looks like letting things be messy and not trying to pretend you've got it together all the time!

It looks like BEing YOU and not trying to pretend or be someone or something you are not! 

It looks like the courage just to BE…raw and unfiltered!

It looks like owning what is yours and releasing everything else!

It looks like being you regardless of what others might think of that beingness!

It looks like OWNING your $HIT! And only YOUR $hit!

It looks like finding moments to appreciate the smallest things, every single day! 

It looks like living in a state of gratitude rather than lack and scarity!

It looks like letting flow in what flows in, letting flow out what flows out…not trying to force what’s not meant to be, or trying to hold onto something that isn’t. 

It looks like healing the wounds rather than putting a bandaid on them hoping they will just go away on their own! 

It looks like pulling back the old bandages that are covering up really big, gnarly wounds that have become infected and actually assessing what is the real root “problem” and healing that!

It looks like singing at the top of your lungs not giving a $hit who hears it!

It looks like dancing!

It looks giving yourself permission to PLAY! Explore! Create! Be curious!

It looks like smiling...a LOT!!!

It looks like making self-care a necessity, rather than a luxury.

It looks like experiencing PLEASURE without guilt, shame, fear of the pain that “is supposed to follow feeling pleasure”

It looks like feeling EVERYTHING!!!


EVERYTHING…the pain, the guilt, the shame, the embarrassment, the tension, the love, the connections, the confusion, the anger, the resentment, the bitterness, the joy, the excitement, the compassion, the passion, the tenderness, the exhaustion, the disconnect, the vulnerability, the yearning, the curiosity, the empowerment, the security and safety, the appreciation, the gratitude, the calm, the contentment, the fulfillment, the trust, the aliveness, the renew, the restore, the inspiration, and the list goes on.......




We are taking this journey TOGETHER!

This is for the person who is will stop at nothing to experience:

Unbridled Joy

Awakened Creativity






Dismantling EVERYTHING

Adding back only what YOU desire


Rewriting old beliefs about yourself and the world

Discovering who you truly are

Uncovering your soul’s purpose for this life


It's choosing EXTRAORDINARY one day at a time!!!


This is for the person who is DONE with life not feeling absolutely EXTRAORDINARY!!!!


We commit together!

We show up together!

We are vulnerable TOGETHER!

We are on this journey TOGETHER!!!



You will NEVER be the same!

Live weekly sessions!

Private FB group! (This is such a valuable piece

Deeper support, encouragement, and accountability!!!

It's HUGE!!!)

VIP option includes 2 - 1:1 (30 minute coaching) sessions a month


This is a commitment, to yourself!!!

A commitment to the possibility of experiencing



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Join us in the Year of EXTRAORDINARY

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