Uncover all the roadblocks that are keeping you from living your most authentic life.

Image by Denise Chan
Image by SIMON LEE

You have spent your whole life living in the safety net of your comfort zone. But now, what once felt like a comfort zone feels more like a torture chamber.

Everything in you feels like screaming your truth of not fitting into the norm of straight society. Yet, the fear of what 

could happen is crippling. 

You feel stuck in this space of knowing that you can’t continue to live a lie, hiding your truth, but you are too scared to step into your true magic.

You feel stuck in the quicksand of your fears, your doubts, your beliefs.

Stepping into and boldly claiming your truth could mean loss, could mean pain.


It could mean facing potential judgment, fear, shame, guilt, discrimination.

There are so many things we tell ourselves as late bloomers that hold us very securely in the grips of that fear.

The roadblock is made up of every story you have told yourself as to why it’s safer to keep your truth hidden away...

~ I have been married to a man and lived a straight life for all these years. What if THAT is really my truth and I am just confused?
~ What if this means I am doomed for hell?
~ What if this is just a midlife crisis or curiosity?
~ What if people judge me?
~ What if I lose people I love? Will my kids, family, friends still love and accept me?
~ How can I be this far in life and still not know who the hell I am?
~ Will I find love?


Does any of this sound familiar?


The questions and fears are endless. I know…I have said these and so many others to myself.

BUT... you hear this small quiet voice inside you that says…this is not how it is supposed to be.

This is not the dynamic life I long for.
I just want to feel happy, complete, whole!

You have been stuck in survival mode, reminding yourself about who you are "supposed to be".


That voice inside you is getting louder and louder!!!

There is something so much greater on the other side of this comfort zone.

You created that "box" to protect yourself from your own truth because the fears and the stories were too big for you to face.

Life gets to be SO MUCH BETTER!!!

For a moment I want you to imagine something with me…

* Imagine if all the stories you tell yourself are just fears of the unknown and not actual reality.

 * Imagine that on the other side of all those fears and stories is a world of bliss and happiness that you never have

felt before.

 * Imagine knowing and truly believing that you are a divine being and there were no mistakes made in the creation of you!

 * Imagine experiencing the freedom that feels so expansive that you wake up every day excited for what’s next.

 * Imagine feeling so sure in who you are that nobody or nothing can make you question that.

* Imagine looking in the mirror and feeling proud of yourself and loving yourself fully, maybe for the first time in your life.


Just imagine what could be possible if you choose to stop fighting against yourself, stopped hiding your magic, stop suppressing what you are feeling and thinking... and just give yourself permission to BE!

You get to make a CHOICE to face all the fears, examine all the stories, dismantle the BS, and discover what it is that you really want and who it is that you really are!

This Is For You If….

* You are a late bloomer, just discovering your sexual orientation is not what you have been presenting it as your whole life.

* You feel like you are hiding parts of yourself like you are trapped in the cell, ashamed of these secret parts of you.

* You are frustrated that no matter how hard you try, the fear overwhelms you and keeps you from living your truth.

* You feel frustrated about why you can’t get out of your own way.

* You feel like you are going to bust out of your own skin trying to continue to live a lie, but you just haven’t been able to truly OWN your truth.

* You keep telling yourself all the reasons why you can’t live your truth.

 * You fantasize about a different life, being out and proud, not letting your life be dictated by others’ expectations.

* You want to stop holding yourself back from the life you desire.

* You want to feel ALIVE!

Yes, this will take work, it will take some deep soul diving.


You will have to move mountains of lies, stories, beliefs…you will have to scoop out the quicksand that is burying you, you will have to pull off the Band-Aids to expose the wounds underneath, you will have to do the work to heal and write new stories, form new beliefs, expose the lies.


I see you! I know your story. I have walked this path.

I know what you are capable of!

I know what is possible!

I know you have been waiting for the moment you no longer feel alone in this journey.

I am here. I will walk with you.


I see your greatness!

I will shine a light on your magic!

I will hold space for healing, growth, and POWER!

What if this gets to be the beginning some something spectacular?

What if this is the moment you get to choose to create a different reality? The moment you get to come alive?

What if you get to choose YOU?

What if it gets to be AMAZING?

What if you are here, reading this at this moment for a reason?


What if everything that has happened up until now brought you to this very moment?

This could be the beginning of something absolutely INCREDIBLE, life-changing, earth-shattering!

We are going to dig right into the depths and pull out all the BS that is keeping you stuck, holding you back

so you can live the most extraordinary life!

I have walked this path.

I have gone from fear to bliss!
I literally started from the bottom and created the life I dreamed of!
I have walked myself through the darkest valleys, climbed the highest mountains, and creep through the darkest forests.
I have healed my wounds, rewritten my old beliefs, replaced lies with my truths.

You are not alone. You do not have to walk this path by yourself.


We will do it…TOGETHER!!!

What you can expect over the four weeks in this program…

1. Getting clear on what you actually want.
2. Uncovering your fears, lies, and BS stories that are standing in your way.
3. Understanding how to navigate through what is true and what is not.
4. Learning how to tap into your power, your truth, your genius!
5. Understanding how your thoughts have literally controlled your life.
6. Learning how to rewrite the stories you tell yourself and the beliefs you hold about who you are and what is possible for you.

7. Learn to master gratitude and forgiveness as a way to awaken the sleeping giant within you!

Are you READY??? Let’s do this!

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We begin Oct 18! 

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